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KENS 5 TV San Antonio uses a special catalyst that makes your air conditioner blow much colder air.

Whether it's your auto or home A/C - your Air Conditioner will blow much colder for the life of your A/C system & your A/C's compressors will last much longer!

Your home Air Conditioner will use a whole lot less electricity & your car or truck will get better gas mileage during the hotter months when you use your vehicle's air conditioner the most.

So if you want colder air in your life, click on the Where to Get IceCOLD® tab at the top of the page and if there is no installer in your immediate area, please leave your information by clicking on Contact or feel free to give me a call at (210) 422-3823 and we will be happy to set up a Certified Installer in your area.



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How IceCOLD® works

IceCOLD® removes the oil fowling from the walls of the air conditioning lines to improve heat transfer

        6 Good Reasons to Purchase IceCOLD®

  • Auto & Home Air Conditioners will blow much colder air for the life of the system
  • Your Air Conditioners will last longer because they don't have to work as hard to get the job done
  • Home air conditioners will use significantly less electricity
  • Your vehicle will get better gas mileage during the warmer months
  • By increasing lubricity by as much as 54% - your A/C system will last much longer
  • You and your family will be cooler and more comfortable anytime it's hot or humid